lunedì, agosto 21, 2017

Fate Rode the Wind An American Story of Hope and Fortitude by Larry D.Quick

Fate Rode the Wind An American Story of Hope and Fortitude by Larry D.Quick has been one of the most desired and wanted book for a lot of time. I loved the cover, and I knew that I would have loved the story as well.
I obtained a physical copy from iUniverse more than a month ago. The big heat forced me to interrupt my reading. I didn't want to lose any word of this book. 
Let me start to saying that I found this book a real jewel. Intense, real, felt, passionate, beauty, the story is set up in the rural countryside of Illinois, in a crucial moment for the USA, 1941: there is the Second World War and the USA are still undecided. What to do?
To the USA, the second world war appeared like a distant war, after all the country still untouched. Better to see what it was going on. The story follows the adventure of a farmer mr. Milbur Quinn and his numerous family for three years, ending it in 1944 with new re-starts and some good-byes.
The story is very positive, without too many tragedies, but true in every detail and fact reported, with a healthy optimistic vision of life and that's why I strongly suggest this book to you. History repeat itself and countrysides in moment of big stress, can be the most positive answer for everyone.

There is optimism in the Quinn's family. Milbur decides to buy a pony to the children in particular to Marianne, as a distraction but also a responsibility and for keeping the children closest to that life and that farm, and plus he decides to renovate the house, adding more comfort for everyone with warm water, and a better heating system.

Marianne although also all the other characters are developed wonderfully well, is the central and main character of this story. A teen-ager with  problematic with her mom, misunderstood by her, new desires and expectations and at the same time a good girl like all the rest of her brothers. They all work very hard in the farm, feeding animals, cooking, baking, cleaning up the house, going to school and being responsible.

This book takes the perfect picture and atmosphere of a rural place where people are connected, they work together for bettering places, houses, there is generosity and desire of going on peacefully in this world.

Milbur was interested to hearing what it was going on in Europe about war reading the newsmagazine and listening the radio and when Japan attached Americans to Pearl Harbour President Roosevelt was constricted to enter in war against that State, setting free, the Americans were called the allied, at the same time the rest of the world, mainly Europe from the messes caused by Hitler and Nazis. No one still knew the proportion of hate and horror caused by Hitler, with more than six million of people killed in various camps like the one of Auschwitz.

The war changed the habits of the American families and food was rationed like also shoes and other items. There was more work for people and men in particular in factories producing guns.

The farm where Marianne and her family lived didn't experience a terrible impact about food because of the war, because in most cases they were independent and they had most of the ingredients used in the kitchen for the various meals.

Marianne in the while with his pony named Rocky lives her adventures going to closest houses of her girlfriends and starting to learn from her body and mind that she is changing and she is becoming a little woman. Her first dates with various boys, like also the love-story of her friends are analyzed with great precision, love, punctuality and understanding giving to the reader the exact impact that every news, fact, has in a little community and how devastating can be gossip.

A healthy family this one of the Quinn where people, children included are serious with themselves and the others considering what an action can means in life.

I suggest to everyone this beautiful book, written with great intensity, extremely detailed, where every aspect of rural life is analyzed, from religion, to the farm-life, passing through the various friends of Marianne, the town and the meaning of the town for a rural family, food, customs, friends, relatives, feasts, celebrations. Nothing is left out and the book is realistically a vivid account of a portion of History, modern History of the USA seen through the perspective and eyes of a farmer's family.


I thank iUniverse and Authorhouse for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, agosto 19, 2017

Uberworked and Underpaid: How Workers Are Disrupting the Digital Economy by Trebor Scholz

Uberworked and Underpaid: How Workers Are Disrupting the Digital Economy by Trebor Scholz published by Polity is a strong book about the digital labor and its reality and at the same time it's a stimulating book because you will learn everything about the most known web companies ruling the net-world-dimension, what it means copyright in the net, or labor, or just being there, supporting your favorite actor, or writing reviews of your favorite books and how companies are acting regarding it.

Sometimes the so-called digital labor is very underpaid or not paid at all.
Also the word labor is different from work. Work, as the author writes means a daily activity, working with hands and constantly. Labor is a medieval word meaning pain and toil. Classified under labors there are activities like writing a poem and growing up a baby adds Mr. Lewis Hyde.

But digital work shouldn't be considered after all as a different work from the common one "disconnected" by the net, but the story is still dramatically different in this society where it is also pretty difficult to define what it is leisure connected with work. Where start leisure and when work is implemented by it?

When we want to buy a book always more often we google the title on Amazon or other websites reading the synopsis and some reviews.
But what kind of world is this one of book reviewers?
A group of millions of passionate people and bookworms.

There is the shocking beauty story of ms.Harriet Klausner from Pennsylvania. This lady wrote more than 31000 reviews for Amazon while the author wrote this book and she is considered a sort of monument, taken in great consideration from newsmagazines like The New York Times, The Washington Post but she doesn't receive any buck for this work. The author wrote that if ms Klausner would have been paid 5 dollars per review, now she would have saved 155.000 dollars.

So there is to ask to ourselves: what motivate people to write? Why do they work for free?

Another interesting chapter is the fan labor, the one involving a saga, it could be Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, your favorite actor or the TV series you love the most. Again, in most cases it's a free work or very underpaid in the best lucky cases.

43 million of people writes the author, in the USA (a statistic of 2013) live in poverty and long-term jobs assuring a stability and a security for the future are disappearing.

Social networks? People, writes the author: "Are using Facebook for "free" while consuming a culture of their own consuming." Interesting also the sections dedicated to Instagram and other socials.

Students attending 4 year college in the USA work in stage for free most of the time at first. 77% of these people are women.
In Germany there are 400.000 underpaid or not paid at all academic students assistants working in university.
Why this?
Because they live in the hope of a better future and a better tomorrow. Not only but according to the author these young people starts to develop psychologically a "self-denigration" behavior.

That the net has changed the cards on the table of our daily life is evident. With the time appeared more than clear that the net created discrepancies talking about work as well.
In this book Uberworked and Underpaid the reader will enter in a paradoxical world where few privileged people with a great intuition earn wagons of money and the rest of them nothing or they are very underpaid.
What the book wants to do is to try to connect, after the big euphoria for the arrival of the net more than 20 years ago and the various societies connected with it and the high expectations of all the people for this new "life-platform" and this incredible way of communicating, all the workers around the world for trying to define a best future for all of them active thanks to the net and the so-called digital labor.

You must read this book. It's of great relevance, sometimes sad but dramatically true and very well done.

I thank NetGalley and Polity for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, agosto 16, 2017

Heat, lack of sleeping, what a mess these past weeks were!

To all publishers, authors, books waiting to be read :-) I want to keep everyone tranquil: I am back. Slowly but I am.
It's still difficult after weeks of lacking sleep, great weakness because of heat but I try my best.

It was a horrid warm summer able to put me down in many different ways.

Last weeks Italy was interested by an immense heat with temperatures too high for reading or writing.

It was impossible reading trust me, eyes didn't collaborate at all too stressed for the heat and brain decided to go to vacation.

Writing became painful for me. I am very quick in general, I can write a piece in a few minutes, I am a reporter, and same is for reviews. Three reviews every three days in the past... But it was impossible in that condition to elaborate thoughts.  Impossible to write anything staying lucid, clear. The few reviews I posted did let me feel that they could have been written very differently and with more strength. They were altered by the conditions I experienced.

Many thanks for your attention. I love you all, I am back and I count to post my first review  after the big, unusual heat this week-end.

I want to thank NetGalley because thanks to them I discovered the big universe of American Publishing Houses and wagons of wonderful books ready to being picked up and read. I also thank all that publishers who trust me and give me the possibility of reading their books in physical or digital copies.

I thank the Universities Press of Yale, Oxford and Princeton for the good work we are doing together and for the trust they give me.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, agosto 07, 2017

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books by Marta McDowell

I fell in love for Little House on the Prairie TV series since little. Yes I confess that her books arrived later...
I think I fell in love for your country, I am italian, also because of it.
When I discovered that there was the chance for reading and reviewing a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder, I tried all my best for capturing it in the real sense, more or less of the word.

Let's start to saying that The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books by Marta McDowell will be published by Timber Press this next September 20th.

Add this date to your calendar because, trust me when I tell you that this book is stunningly beauty, serious, detailed.

The book doesn't just describe the books, locations, States, world met by Laura, but it is a real great biography mixed with the environment, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family met and this fusion of aspects precious and important for remembering a woman who marked so profoundly and in positive ways a lot of generations of Americans and people all around the world presenting enthusiasm and good sentiments to everyone.

A biography of a great woman and writer, with many details about the family of the Ingalls Wilder and later her own family.
The book includes a lot of maps, drawings, illustrations and much more.

I thank NetGalley and Timber Press for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Acid Trip Travels in the World of Vinegar with recipes from Leading Chefs, Insights from Top Producers, and step-by-step Instructions on How to Make your Own by Michael Harlan Turkell

Passions are passions in particular in culinary sector. You can fall in love for pasta, pizza, appetizers, veggies, meat, desserts, chocolate. Sometimes you can fall in love for...vinegar.
It's what happened to Michael Harlan Turkell. As he tells in the book everything started because of a bottle of wine not anymore so....good.

Since there he decided to learn much more about vinegar and the immense world of vinegar, that it is pretty diversified and rich of flavors.
In the latest book published by ABRAMS this Aug 8th: Acid Trip Travels in the World of Vinegar with recipes from Leading Chefs, Insights from Top Producers, and step-by-step Instructions on How to Make your Own you will learn everything about vinegar, production and importance of this aliment in a daily base.

This trip has been long and the author and his wife visited many countries, for understanding much better what vinegar means for a country.
From France to Italy discovering in this second case the Aceto Balsamico a specialty in past from Modena known only in recent years in all the italian territory, and then Japan, Austria, North America meeting the most important producers of vinegar like also Chefs in grade to suggest the best recipes created with vinegar. In every section-country the best recipes you can ask for for stimulate your appetite and desire of eating a real treasure for the palate.

Not only Mr Turkell tasted these different sort of vinegar and recipes in many wonderful countries, but for the joy of all of us he returned home from all these different places and flavors, plenty of recipes to share with readers in this cookbook for creating with vinegar the best recipe for every occasion and taste.

And...If you want to try to produce your own vinegar, all the instructions for living this adventure in first person!

Beautiful pictures as always! I know that you will fall in love for this new temptation by ABRAMS.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

domenica, agosto 06, 2017

Experience and Experimental Writing Literary Pragmatism from Emerson to the Jameses by Paul Grimstad

Experience and Experimental Writing Literary Pragmatism from Emerson to the Jameses by Paul Grimstad is a book published by Oxford University Press.
In this book Grimstad analyzes the classical pragmatism thanks to giants of literature like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville and the Jameses.
We will see how the various authors intended the pragmatism and lived the pragmatism influenced also by philosophical thinkers like Kant, putting their vision in action in their literary works.

Literature is influenced by social, political situations lived by the country. We are in the USA it's 1850 and entire country lives a policy of "I want to stay to myself." There are not a lot of connections with Europe. Washington, NYC and also the most progressive Boston decided to keep themselves to themselves.
The ideas developed from the Old Europe are elaborated under new visions. Self-trust and expansion became the two words more "whispered" if we can use this expression and Lincoln's vision of the world reached the maturity. The USA started to create its identity, after a fratricide war, a new mentality that would have driven all the Americans to feel the pride of "Being American" from NY to California, from Alaska to Tennessee. It wasn't a joke because in the while new sectarianism born in this moment of pride, while Europe thought that the American experiment was a failure, and also religious radicalism started to become stronger.
Industries and the advent of a new and different world created another frictions.

In this context the Humanitarian and the Pragmatism takes place.

For writers it will mean to work intellectually with experience and the experimental writing describing reality in all its complexity.

Mr. Grimstad will analyze the differences between the idea of Cavell, where to him "composition, experiment, attention, search, interest and poetry" all related to giving a complete description of experience compared with the vision of other writers and intellectuals.

Every chapter will be a discovery of very beloved authors. For Henry James for example re-reading his writings still "in motion" meant new experience to be put in words.

Enjoy this book. For scholars, students, teachers interested to learn much more about this cultural movement.

I thanks Oxford University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, agosto 03, 2017

The Perfect You A Blueprint for identity written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

The Perfect You  A Blueprint for identity written by Dr. Caroline Leaf is a wonderful new book by Baker Books.
Dr Leaf developed with the time the Perfect You as loves to call  our being unique in our genre studying the brain and the connection with our mind from decades.

We are all born with a personal touch and for a mission that no one can steal us.
Our being unique is in our character, in our approach to life, friendship, love, in our interaction with the environment and with other people. What we can offer in terms of precious contribution to this life and this particular moment in which we exist can't be given by anyone else thanks to our personal vision and touch.

This book focuses in particular about the problems that there are when our Perfect You is not anymore balanced for the most common or uncommon reasons. It can be because of a big stress, alcoholism, depression, and so on.

What to do in this case?

This one can be a big problem.

The Perfect You, ourselves with our innate characteristics and our vision of life can stay in stand-by at long when and if there are conditions able to "kill" our identity putting in sufferance our mind and modifying, incredible but true, our brain and not for best.

What it is important to understand is that our mind in fact changes in better or worse our brain and the potentialities of our brain. Not the opposite. In the past people thought that changes were mainly a function of the brain.

No: it doesn't work in this way and so it's primarily important to cultivate in the real sense of the word spiritually good thoughts for re-balancing  a stressed brain donating it a new life.
Positive thoughts will capture a positive life.

A stressed brain is dangerous for many reasons and a psychological unhappiness for a lot of time, for too much time, a chronic unhappiness will cause a dangerous alteration of The Perfect You  exposing the person sometimes also at living very important physical illnesses.

For working much better with our person and for re-balancing The Perfect You doc. Leaf will introduce us the Unique Qualitative (UQ) Assessment Tool.

A very beauty long section is dedicated at profiling your Perfect You with questions about yourself, your vision of your self and your attitudes, your qualities.
You will discover a lot, writing it.

I found the book extremely interesting and original because it starts from scientific basis, without forgetting the real Master of our brain, soul,  body: God.
I loved to read the role and impact of MRI and f MRI for trying to understand our brain at a different level and the new discoveries thanks to atoms.

Although this one is a self-help book, with more than a touch of scientist notions, God is the main protagonist of this book.
Without Him we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't play our role in the society.

I love the cover because very colored. Futuristic look,  the mind of the man seeing in all its centrality and perfection.

I thank BakerBooksBloggers for the physical copy of this stunning and interesting book.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, agosto 01, 2017

Under the Cover, The Creation, production, and reception of a novel by Clayton Childress

We love books and we love buying them online, in our favorite bookstores and our houses populated by a lot of books but...
Do we know the process of the creation of a book from the first idea, intuition of the author to the final product, later sold on bookstores and online stores, and what it remains of it after its launch and reception?

If the answer is no, this book Under the Cover, The Creation, production, and reception of a novel by Clayton Childress is for you!

Published by Princeton University Press it will reveal to the reader the amazing work that there is behind the publication of a book.

Written with great love, accuracy, attention for every little detail, it is extremely clear in the exposition of the various steps of the creation of a book, it's a great reading, captivating and  interesting!

Intriguing from the beginning to the end, this book can't be put down for a second.

Mr. Childress will analyze the creation from the beginning to the end of Jarrettsville a novel published by Counterpoint in 2009, written by Cornelia Nixon. The tale: a real historical murder in the profound South of the USA.

Under the Cover will largely touch a lot of topic of book industry.  The main differences between recent authors, in general people with another very well paid work, like in Nixon's case and so without the stress of writing a book feeling the pressure of making money with it for a living, if compared with authors of the past.
We will discover that Mario Puzo decided to write The Godfather  for desperation thinking this one his latest chance before to giving up with this career.
Bloomsbury decided to publish Harry Potter, but just few copies at first.

Publishing houses, their marketing strategies, their fields of specializations under the lenses of Childress, like also the role of agents in a writer's life.
In the past their role "limited", now a bridge, the most powerful one between the author and publishers.

Nixon fired her first agent, hiring a new one, Weil, the same agent by Fannie Flagg (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café) because she was searching for something else. And because she wanted to The story of her first two books and her first agent is very interesting.

Childress will explain the genesis of Jarrettsville from the first version created in a Starbucks for a story of time well-spent, to the final editing and important changes wanted by the publishing house later.

A writer is not alone in the process of writing.

In the creative final process of a book every element is important: title, cover, synopsis, reviews, the book launch.
Every market is analyzed.
The power of Amazon if compared with other markets and its ability of helping authors in the process of selling copies of their books makes the difference, tells us the author.

Childress will explain how the New York Times, the most important and prestigious newsmagazine where all the authors would want to be launched, pick up successful books and authors.
The New York Times receives 1000 books submissions every week but just few books will receive the privilege of being read, reviewed and suggested to the readers.

We will also appreciate how the final product in commerce is lived in book groups located in various areas of the country.

But what we will understand the most thanks to Under the Cover is that buying a book means to buying the final and definitive piece  of a long process of materialization of ideas, purposes, expectations.

I thank Princeton University Press for the physical copy of this wonderful book!

Anna Maria Polidori