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martedì, gennaio 16, 2018

Homemade Bread Cookbook 25 recipes for Baking Bread at Home with Ease by Martha Stephenson

Homemade Bread Cookbook 25 recipes for Baking Bread at Home with Ease by Martha Stephenson is a new cookbook with plenty of delicious recipes about bread, from the most difficult to the simplest one.
The electronic book is directed to all that people who, tired of buying bread in a bakery store want to try this new-old experience and adventure: homemade bread offering a comprehensive and complete little version of the most important recipes about bread for every occasion!
Be sure of it, you will find the best recipes you need for unforgettable meals.
From french bread, to rosemary focaccia bread; from challa bread a typical Jewish bread to cinnamon apple bread, passing through the whole wheat Oatmeal and Honey Bread, or the classic italian bread choices are delicious.

I appreciated the beautiful pictures in every recipes like also the sunny and attractive cover.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc

Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc is a Four Point Publishing Book. The author wrote it because there is a real emergence of sugar addicted people in the USA and exactly of artificial sweeteners.
Once someone said me that sugar would have been the most powerful drug of XXI century and under many aspects the story is more than real.

Too many people abuse of sophisticated sugar and I am sure that they are ignoring it.
Different kind of processed sugars can be found everywhere in industrial food, in fact.
At times just because we rush when we do some shopping we don't tend to read labels putting everything we do think could be healthy in the basket.

Some beverages are plenty of sugar as well.
The list of products with some sugar and artificial sweeteners is endless and sugar addiction is a real drug exactly like all the other addiction existing in this world like alcohol, drugs and so on.

This book thanks to delicious recipes will re-direct the attention of an intoxicated body in the proper direction.

Let's start to say that these recipes are not exactly sugar-free. If you don't have any kind of specific illness but you want to avoid artificial sugars because you want to live a healthiest life you will see that you will find different kind of good and healthy "sugars."

Honey will play a big role in this eBook. Why? Honey is the best "sugar" you can find around.

The action of honey is more lazy, less rapid, but more profound than not the one of sugar is and it's the best "sweet condiment" you can think at. Another one will be stevia a new kind of sugar with zero calories. Not bad, don't you think so?

What this eBook wants to offer to its readers after all is not to avoid sugar, but artificial sweeteners.

Trust me, this one is a completely different and healthy approach to a new life-style more conscious and more free.

And these recipes are seriously good!

I highly suggest this eBook to everyone.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Buon Appetito!

Anna Maria Polidori

Becoming the News How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight by Ruth Palmer

Becoming the News How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight by Ruth Palmer published by Columbia Press is a very good book if you want to understand our work as reporters.

Ruth Palmer years ago interviewed 83 people, the most common ones you can think of, removing from her list VIPS, important politicians, connected with press in a daily base, for asking them something about their reaction when they "became the news."

Why a common person ends in the press and let me add: always more often?

For a joyous reason, a prize, or because he/she is witness of a sad or  joyous fact.

Because thanks to his/her hard or good time, this person can be an example for other people.

Some illnesses can be at the attention of media, for trying to understand better what happens and why.

He/she can be a source, and so not mentioned in articles, because too dangerous.

For Spotlight the team created by the Boston Globe common people meant a terrible revelation: stories of systemic abuses perpetrated by many priests of the city  per decades and with terrible psychologic repercussions for all these common people.
These people became real protagonists, crusaders bringing new light into a terrible darkness and for changing thanks to the pen of  that team the state of the things.
You can see in this case the importance of an ethical journalism and what it means for a community a good information.

In that case we see that the news of sexual abuses and pedophilia was in grade to become a big wave in grade to break the borders of a country revealing in many other countries as well a terrible horrible situation.

We mustn't never forget the importance and power of a good information. A good information can change the world and the face of our reality for better.

Ruth Palmer working in New York City, took in consideration mainly newsmagazines of the city like the New York Times, The New York Post, because as she added in the book, if a person is in a newspaper is more than sure that later he/she will end up also on TV.

Highly recommended.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

Theodore Roosevelt A Life from Beginning to End by Hourly History

Theodore Roosevelt A Life from Beginning to End by Hourly History is an eBook published in 2016 and one of the best ones, being a bit short, if you desire a reading where you can find the most comprehensive facts  for starting to develop an idea about this sunny, strong, and great American President or if you need an exciting reading for some school tests.

Nothing is left out, in fact, and the reading is extremely captivating.

Roosevelt was not born poor as it happened to Lincoln, but his family, he was a New Yorker one of the best known of the city.

He started to become an outdoor man because of some health problems and this spirit for adventure, hunting, outdoor life will be a great lief-motif for this fearless man.

He studied in great universities and developed pretty soon a strong political passion. We can say that Roosevelt lived a passionate life, so passionate that sometimes speaking of sentiments was hard to him.
An example?
He lost his first wife and also when he wrote his auto-biography he didn't mention this first, beloved wife disappeared too soon from his existence.

Later he married a second lady with which he has had a lot of children and with which he lived with for the rest of his existence.

Why Roosevelt became president?

This one is a story of an assassination. Roosevelt was vice-president in the cabinet of President McKinley.
McKinley was shot on Sept 6 1901 in a delicate part of the body, the abdomen by a man an anarchist inspired by the assassination of the italian king in 1900.
Problem in this case like also in the case of President Garfield was that a bullet wasn't removed from the body producing gangrene. The President died on Sept 1901.

Roosevelt developed a great program for the USA.

Being an outdoor man he understood that the beautiful, wonderful precious, glorious American lands and forests are a treasure and he created National Parks, preserving them from the action of men.

He also tried to control corporations and he fought with all himself for the rights of consumers establishing that no one would have anymore sold maple syrup telling to customers (it's an example) that that one was maple syrup when realistically was something else.
Labels were introduced and lies not anymore permitted.
Each customer could decide his/her personal culinary destiny :-)

Roosevelt was also re-elected in 1904.

Famous the story of Teddy Bear, an episode I personally discovered just few months ago reading and reviewing American History books, although I received various teddy bears from my correspondents during the years.

The President was a great hunter but once he refused to kill an old and sick bear.
What kind of gusto a person could find when the animal that would have been killed sick and old? There wasn't any kind of confrontation.

The story was pretty soon known and became a commercial success. Teddy Bears are sold now first of all during Valentine's Day but also during Christmas Time and everytime someone desires to affirm friendship, love, good feelings for another person. It's a tender act and one of the most appreciated one.

Roosevelt once out from policy, tried to return in the big scene during the electoral campaign of 1912 but he also was part of a tentative of assassination. The bullet never removed was located in chest muscle.
So what happened? That later this bullet was also one of the causes of his departure. Not just this, but it was of great help unfortunately.

Roosevelt died in peace while he was sleeping in 1919.

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, gennaio 15, 2018

Not yet phone...

...It is still a frustrating situation   and today I couldn't post any review, although I wrote a lot during this week-end because I am rushing for other reasons.
To all my Readers a big warm hug.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, gennaio 13, 2018

Not yet back to the normality

Still without phone connection, I just hope you are enjoying these latest reviews.
I just hope that, we lost phone line on Jan 3, we will be back to the normality soon.

Many thanks for reading!

Anna Maria Polidori

Totie the Molar by Hosam Alrquirk, Reema Boufis illustrated by Ana Lornakina

Totie the Molar  by Hosam Alrquirk, Reema Boufis illustrated by Ana Lornakina is the best approach you can think at for trying to teach to your children the beauty of a healthy mouth, thanks to happy teeth, keeping away all the possible nasty sensations regarding dentists and a periodic visit. I downloaded this eBook because when I was little I was scared by dentists.
I lived my first 18-19 years in a conflictual "relationship" with dentists. I didn't avoid them but I was scared.
Irrationality can bring fears and children shouldn't grow up with fears like this one.

Thanks to the explanation of Totie the Molar and all his other brothers and sisters, we will discover the populated and funny world of our mouth! starting with a children's mouth.

I am sure that this children's book will keep children interested and captivated, plenty of questions, looking at all their teeth with immense curiosity and interest, being in grade to naming them and at the same time learning why they exist and which is their respective role in our mouth.

I love so badly illustrations and story.

This one is a wonderful, tender, cute children's book for sure highly recommended to everyone!

Anna Maria Polidori